Nature spotting and bird watching

This ornithological trip through the north of Poland takes you on an exceptional journey. The untouched landscapes with its wide breeding bird areas are a true paradise for nature lovers and all those who want to experience nature first-hand.

Nature can be enjoyed in many ways - but the unobtrusive contemplation of its beauty is probably  most valuable. Without interfering with nature's life and disturbing its peace, we communicate with it through observation. There is probably no better way to relax and leave everyday life behind. Although sometimes time-consuming until the object of desire can be discovered in the tall grass or hidden in the shore area, this sight compensates for sometimes unsuccessful attempts.

In Poland there is no better place for bird watching than the Pomorskie region. We will take you on an unforgettable journey into the most beautiful landscapes of this region.

Start your journey with an expedition to the Słowiński national park - you will be delighted by its shifting sand dunes. On the next day you will explore Stolpe Bank (Ławica Słupska) by boat, which is located 30 kilometres from the shore. Here you will find perfect conditions for many animals and organisms - including red algae, mussels, many shellfish such as Bathyporeia, as well as gobies, turbot and cod. The Stolpe Bank is also a bird sanctuary.

On the last day of the trip you will explore the nature reserve Mewia Łacha on the island of Sobieszewska. During the 2.5-hour tour you will have the opportunity to observe birds, seals and beavers. The viewing platform on Wyspa Sobieszewska is the perfect place to keep an eye out for water birds wintering on the river Vistula as well as sand dunes.

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  • packages for individuals & groups (at least 4 persons)
  • 2 overnights hotel accommodation in Gdansk incl. breakfast
  • 1 overnight hotel accommodatio in Łeba incl. breakfast
  • eco bus ride in Slovinski National Park
  • entrance to Slovinski National Park
  • domestic transfers + from/to airport

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Pomorskie Region. One of the most scenic and popular tourist regions in Poland, where a modern and dynamic metropolis is in complete harmony with the cultural and natural heritage. Here, tradition and rich history create a unique atmosphere and open virtually limitless possibilities for spending time and welcoming incoming visitors.

Pomorskie Region - located in the northern part of the country, on the Baltic Sea

Gdańsk is connected with over 50 direct flights from 16 countries. The destination is also well linked with domestic rapid rail connections (2.5 h to Warsaw, 5 h to Krakow). The A1 highway goes directly from GDA to the south of Poland, in 6 hours driving time.