Hyggelig Vikings in Denmark

On the island of Zealand you can meet vicious Vikings and hyggelig Danes alike as you travel through the fairy tale landscape dotted with picturesque little villages, state of the art museums and experience centres and indulge in fine dining.

Day 1: Start your tour in the capital of the Vikings, Roskilde. At the Viking Ship Museum five original Viking ships are on display. Boat builders are creating reconstructions of them as part of an experimental archaeological approach to the past. The Café Knarr serves food inspired by the Viking cuisine.
Also worth visiting in Roskilde is the Roskilde Cathedral, a Unesco World heritage site. According to legend, Viking King Harald Blueetooth is buried here.

A short drive from Roskilde is Lejre and you suddenly find yourself among mythical kings and creatures, most famous is Beowulf. Learn more about them at Lejre Museum and see the historic remnants of the mead hall Heorot and the ship shaped burial site, the most honourable burial a Viking could wish for. In Land of Legends, researchers and experts are working on the reconstruction of the largest Viking Kings Hall ever found in Denmark, a magnificent testimony to the culmination of Nordic architecture and artisanship.

Day 2: Breath-taking landscapes will steal your attention as you drive through the first Danish Nature Park Aamosen. By the shore of Tissø there was once a busy Viking settlement – long halls, works sheds and a cult house for worshipping the Nordic gods. The small museum explains what life was like back then, take the self-guided tour in the footsteps of the Vikings in the park or let the kids play by the water.

On the way to your next stop visit the traditional Danish village church in Gørlev, where two rune stones from the Viking age can be seen.

At Kragerup Manor, a top class lunch is available from the highly acclaimed kitchen or keep it simple but not less scrumptious as you build your own burger in the forest.

Day 3: Spend the morning at King Harald Bluetooth´s fortified Viking fortress Trelleborg. Find your inner Viking in the reconstructed Viking village with the possibility of participating in family activities: experience archery, mead tasting and Viking games.


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