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Active & Adventure

Discovering the region on foot, by bike or from the water

The natural wealth of the Baltic Sea region is best discovered outdoors. Whether you are a fan of sunny beaches, adventure sport or water sport, the Baltic Sea coast has something special to offer to you. The natural treasures of the Baltic Sea are best discovered by hiking, biking and boating.

Far from the hectic pace and noise of the city, protected paradises provide plenty opportunities for adventures.


Discovering Diversity

Go “photo stalking” along the beaches, feel like a Bodden fishermen on a historic Zeesen boat, or learn how to stand-up paddle on the Baltic Sea.
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Enjoyment for all senses

Play golf with a view of the Baltic Sea, cycle through a Ghost Forest, and sail along historic spa style villas. The German Riviera captivated with its stunning scenery.
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Baltic Treasures

Experience the unique natural and cultural treasures of the Baltic Sea region combined in one region - Mecklenbugr-Vorpommern.
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Wild weekend on the island of Møn

Unique experiences in Denmark's wildest natural landscape and challenging outdoor activities. Go hiking on the ‘Camøno’ and visit Møns Klint.
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Sweet exhaustion

Let your heartbeat and adrenaline level rise on this discovery tour along the Lithuanian coasts and lagoon. Let your energy run free in Klaipėda region!
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Supernatural landscapes

Explore the Samogitian landscape on the threshold to the fantasy world of Baltic mythology.
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