Sweet exhaustion

“Goodnight, sleep tight!” That is the most welcome thing you will hear on the eve of this trip. The very next day, your relaxing rest will be transformed into muscle energy that will cover long kilometres across the scenic landscapes, lagoon and sea. Here, the wilderness is interspersed with charming seashore towns, and your exhaustion - with a pleasure.

Ready, steady… stop. First - a warm up. As always, cycling will work just perfectly for that. This time, though, instead of a demotivating gym wall, you will see fragrant parks, pine forests and sand dunes all around you. As well as panoramic views of the Curonian Lagoon and sea horizons.

Interested? Then move to a higher gear! Or get a board. A mountain skateboard, SUP board, surfboard or a wakeboard. Whatever you chose, get ready for a rise in heartbeat. Your adrenalin will be jumping next, and the second wind will ensure that the feeling of euphoria at moving forward lasts long enough.
When you reach your physical limits, a short time-out is recommended. You can get your breath back by taking the view from towers built for bird-watching. Or by simply enjoying a pleasant little picnic, right on the shore of the lagoon or the sea. You will enjoy the views there for sure beat interiors of even the most classy restaurants. Bon appétit!

However, when being active, it’s better not to overeat. For this reason, the region’s famous light, fish-based delicacies are the perfect choice for restocking physical energy before continuing your adventures.

And there is no doubt that both adventures and new challenges will continue. To experience lagoon and sea waves, or a river stream at night, chose a canoe trip. After water, try the wind. By speeding up your wind cart. It rolls on the beach sand just as finely as on the ice of a frozen lagoon.

Nonetheless, getting too excited about active sports means risking the opportunity to experience the Lithuanian seaside at a slower pace. A hike across the Curonian Spit – under UNESCO protection – or sailing an authentic local fishing boat has never disappointed even the most hyperactive visitor. Besides, slowing down a little bit does not mean having to quit the extreme track. All speeds are absolutely possible on the same route! This means that you will always be perfectly located to undertake another active challenge whenever a new wave of energy hits you.
If you get tired out, then it’s a pleasure – on the Lithuanian coast.


At a glance

  • Private guided tour
  • Full service package (all services included)
  • Family/pets friendly
  • Perfect for team-building or friends challenge
  • Circular route of 110 km

At a glance

Lithuanian seaside region

Explore the Lithuanian coasts and collect your own personal holiday necklace, on which every town, village and landscape is like a different bead with its own characteristic glow.

How to get to the Klaipėda region?

By air (Palanga airport (PLQ) www.palanga-airport.lt)
By sea (International sea lines www.dfdsseaways.lt)
By car (Highways E85/E272)
By train (Lithuanian railways www.traukiniobilietas.lt)