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Family holidays

Paradise for discoverers and families

Holiday time, family time. What could be more fun than sun, beach and sea? The Baltic Sea region  with its clean air, impressive nature and wildlife and the abundance of water is the perfect holiday destination for families.

With so many fun activities and natural wonders in the Baltic Sea region, the hardest part of planning a family holiday is knowing what to do first.

Discovering Diversity

Go “photo stalking” along the beaches, feel like a Bodden fishermen on a historic Zeesen boat, or learn how to stand-up paddle on the Baltic Sea.
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Sweet exhaustion

Let your heartbeat and adrenaline level rise on this discovery tour along the Lithuanian coasts and lagoon. Let your energy run free in Klaipėda region!
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Migrating cultures

Formerly divided by the Lithuanian-Prussian border, discover the new and unique culture of the Klaipėda region.
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Hyggelig Vikings in Denmark

Meet vicious Vikings and hyggelig Danes when you travel through the fairy tale landscape of the island of Zealand.
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