The waves of the Baltic Sea race to the shore. 
They roll across the gravel in an unceasing rhythm.

The Baltic Sea coastal landscape, characterized by wind and waves, steep cliffs and fine sandy beaches, islands and bays, trees shaped by the wind, and thousand-year-old oaks, is worth a visit all year round.

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Explore the Baltic Sea

Its unspoiled nature and cultural heritage are the region’s most valuable assets and have cast their spell on people for centuries. Experience a unique symbiosis between nature and culture. The Baltic Sea region offers you all this, 365 days a year.

Travel the Baltic Sea

In each Baltic Sea country, there are places that you simply must see. They are stunning, rare, original and enchanting. Visit vibrant seaside resorts, enjoy unique architecture, or be enchanted by royal palaces. The Baltic Sea region promises surprises to its visitors every day.

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Experience the Baltic Sea

Enjoy the Baltic Sea region at first hand. Selected offers allow you to experience this unique region. Why not try something new? Get fresh inspiration from these fantastic travel opportunities.

Travel Inspirations

Beaches of golden sand, a fresh sea breeze and seagulls on the wing – the Baltic Sea regions invite you to find your own travel inspirations.


The spirit of nature


Pomorskie region

Cultural and natural heritage at its best

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Copenhagen Countryside

Perfect holiday combination

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Region Klaipėda

Winds and waves of the Curonian Lagoon

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