Supernatural landscapes

When hiking, there is no pressure to switch off your mobile phone. However, it is highly recommended. A conversation will inevitably take place – with yourself! Where else will you hear your own voice more clearly than in the Samogitian landscape, away from urban noise and on the threshold to the fantasy world of Baltic mythology?

However, you will never meet “the real you” in an instant. To hear yourself, first listen to your surroundings.

And here, the surroundings sound like a powerful choir composed of typical regional plains, legendary hillforts, elegant river bends and breathtaking panoramas. Among ancient oak trees, look out for fleeting fallow deer, great bitterns or tranquil horses, along the swampy coasts or in fragrant meadows.

The landscapes will spellbind you, but don’t give up too fast. The devil is in the detail, as the saying goes. And this time, take the saying literally. It was him, the horned one, who, according to Samogitian legends, scattered millions of stones everywhere and turned the rocks into a remarkable regional feature. This grey - at first glance - detail of the landscape is actually deeply rooted in Baltic folklore, mythology and religious rituals.

The stones are liked not only by the devil, but also by many other mythical beings. By night, laumės wash their clothes on them. Kaukai, turned into small pieces of wood or coal, are still waiting for their new masters here. But please note - it is easy to confuse regular rocks with Vikings and their ships. For their evil intentions, they were turned into stones by the powerful Baltic gods many ages ago.

In fact, the gods were very keen on stone, as evidenced by the numerous stone altars found in the region. Although their holy fires have ceased burning, you will be more than welcome to start them again at mythological sacred places.

You can recharge your powers, lost while travelling around the world of mythology, by stopping at remote and charming local houses. After serving some local culinary traditions, the hosts will kindly invite you to stay with them for the night. Then, in the morning, they will lead you to a secret spring that, along with its water, has been the source of great power over the centuries.

Who knows? Perhaps you will finally hear your own voice in that stream. You will.

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  • Private guided hiking tour - 110 km
  • Full service package (all services included)
  • Family/pets friendly
  • Based on local production and services
  • Can be adapted individually

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Lithuanian seaside region

Explore the Lithuanian coasts and collect your own personal holiday necklace, on which every town, village and landscape is like a different bead with its own characteristic glow.

How to get to the Klaipėda region?

By air (Palanga airport (PLQ)
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By car (Highways E85/E272)
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